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 Guild Guidelines

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PostSubject: Guild Guidelines   Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:00 am


Members must be active in Fallen Sword if they wish to stay in the guild. Seven (7) days offline is considered as retirement. If you're planning to stay offline longer due to your personal life you must post your vacation on the forum upfront . It is nice to inform of even shorter, several days, offline periods if possible.

You must level up in Fallen Sword to remain a member of Tornado Inc. Don't just log in. Level up as well. Use your full stamina for killing creatures a few times a week (depending on max stam, less stam = more times)

Six (6) days of inactivity without further notice or after same time of not proceeding in contributing a decent amount of xp for one's level, a member will be ranked AWOL. After that there's 1-2 days to become active again and start contributing XP or the member will be kicked from the guild.


Do not attack members of an allied guild.

We don't currently have any alliances.

However, members of Tornado Inc are not allowed to attack Razoreye's personal allies OR members in their guilds.


Buff your guild mates when they ask for buffs. Never ask for buffs if you do not having plenty of stamina left to use. Remember that every buffing costs stamina.

Be reasonable with your buff requests. DO NOT ask for buffs that you have, or buffs that you don't really need.

Ask for buffs in the guild chat FIRST so that every online member can have an equal chance to help you out. If you, however, ask for buffs via PM read that person's bio to see what buffs there are available and what are the possible personal rules for buffing.

List your own buffs and levels, if you don't have any, pick buffs which you need and can't get any better as potions. Buffing inside a guild is sort of a two way street: You get buffed and You buff others. Everyone benefits & gets to help others. If you don't have buffs and get them from the guild, then it's just one way traffic (and freeloading!). Others need their stamina too, that's another reason why you should have your own buffs and buff yourself with those first, THEN ask for what you need and don't have.

No one has to buff you with all buffs.

'Please' and 'Thank You' do wonders (and are not optional for most of us :))


Any kind of begging of gold, FSP or items from other guild members is forbidden. If there is something you need ask if Razoreye or Quewen can help you.


Donate gold to guild as much as possible. Gold is needed for structure upkeep and upgrades. Gold can also be used to buy FSPs for the guild.

Our taxation covers the upkeep costs of our structures, but in order to grow we need donations in addition to that.

If you have gold that you would like to donate, but you have no deposits left. You may send the gold to Razoreye or Quewen for them to deposit. If you do so copy the line from your personal log to guild chat and post it.

FSP donations are more than welcome, this is not a must, but helps the guild to grow. New structures, new member slots, bigger attack groups, larger guild store etc. require FSP.

Item Donations

Items with value can be donated to the guild. Send those items to Razoreye to be sold at the Auction House. If item sent to Razoreye has no value, it will be sent back if possible, and if not, it will be destroyed. Please, post a PM to Razoreye informing him of the name and level of the item. This will tell that the item is there and give Razoreye a fighting chance of locating it in the backpack.


Join every attack group possible. You can create an attack group in advance to use in a coming battle. Attack groups remain active for 24 hours. Use attack groups only against non-common creatures or to capture Relics. Remember that joining costs stamina. Never disband your group since no-one will get their stamina back and the group can be used later (within 24 hours).

Guild Store

Keep at least FOUR (4) slots free! Loot from group attacks are placed into the guild store and losing a super elite drop because someone decided to store their mystic pickax in the last open slot is a sure way to lose privs. Only the group leader is allowed to take the loot item from guild store. Other items put into guild store are free for every one to take and use.

Don't store common items or items without real value into guild store! Not all rare and unique items are really that rare or unique.

Item Rules

These items are for guild members to borrow for as long as needed. After items are no longer needed by the borrower they must be returned either to the Guild Store or to Razoreye. If there's no room in either place then to one of the Generals.

It's not allowed to take items from guild store in advance hold for leveling up to 'the right level'. It's only allowed to take items that can and will be used right away.

Always REPAIR your items before returning. It costs gold to repair and it's unfair to use something until it breaks, then return it

Legendary and Super Elite sets are moved and used as full sets. When you get a full set for your use, return it as a full set also. This way everyone can benefit from the sets. Otherwise, one member could be holding pieces from several non-full sets and we wouldn't get the most out of the sets. Set pieces may be used separately with the approval of someone ranked Special Forces or above. Anyone using a piece or pieces of a set without special permission may have those pieces recalled if the full set is requested by another member. Currently the only Legendary set that can be used in pieces without special permission is the Decay set.

NOTE: Pieces of Elite sets can be used without using the whole set (Khale and Darklore excluded).

If a guild member leaves the guild (which I hope you won't do) items must be returned before leaving.

If guild member quits playing Fallen Sword (which I hope you won't do) items must be returned before quitting.

All Super Elit/ Epic / Titan gear is for HUNTING and must be SHARED with your guildmates. It is NOT meant for people to get the extra stamina gain, bonuses, etc by always having it equipped. and really, even with +4 stam/hr, that might mean 1 less hour to get to full stam for most people. It's all about sharing with your guild mates.

Super Elite (SE) Sets:
(Golden Cocktrice, Flaming Baron, Vexus, Cursed Samurai, Steep Nojor, Destroyer, Tri)

These sets must be placed to the Guild Store right after the hunt is finished. They can be taken from the storage for the new hunt again. These sets are not to be stored in any other place than the Guild Store. If there isn't room in the Guild Store for a SE set then other items from the Guild Store must be sent for someone (Razoreye for example) to hold.

SE sets that aren't placed into the Guild Store after the hunt will be recalled. The only exceptions are: level 235, Steep Nojor set; level 280, Destroyer set; and level 335, Tri set. These can (and should) be stored in a backpack, since every member that is at suitable level, can recall them.

Crystalline Items
This should be obvious, but you MUST use a Potion of Indestructability(UB190) when using guild Crystalline items

Hell Forge
Any guild item can be Hell Forged by it's user. No limitations. No need to ask for permission. It's a nice gesture to do actually since the set itself is free to it's user, so Hell Forging is same as giving a little back to the guild.

Items can be crafted: Uncrafted, very poor, poor, average, good, very good, excellent, perfect.

Higher the crafting better the stats.

Craftable items can be crafted. When an item is crafted it can also turn out worse than it was if a proper crafter isn't used or there is enough bad luck.

Items can be crafted over and over again, but every crafting costs FSP so it must be done with causion and with knowledge what one's doing.

For example if excellent crafted item is re-crafted using 1 FSP Apprentice Crafter the item won't turn out perfect. It may even turn out very poor.

Guild Items are not to be crafted without permission and consulting of the guild management!

For some guild sets there has been set a certain Release Level (RL). When you reach this level you have to return the set before reaching the next level.

If there is no RL for the set then you can use the set as long as you need it.

These items and sets are meant for each guild member to use for hunting. No one is allowed to hold these forever. It's recommended that level 200+ members have their own defensive offline equipment and that they use guild's hunting gear only when online.

Any level 200+ equipment is allowed to be recalled for hunting from a member who's offline and holding the equipment, regardless on the fact whether the equipment is equipped or not.


Help fellow guild members whenever possible. Ask for help if you need it.


It's always nice to be polite. When you get something from someone remember to thank them. Remember to thank for buffs, items and everything else you get. This way you will probably get something again.


All upgrades of the guild are decided by Razoreye and Quewen. Suggestions can be given and are taken, but final decision is the founders'. Guild members who donate FSPs for the upgrade can decide the upgrade if it makes sense and is possible at that time.

Following upgrades to the guild are available in the game:

+1 Max ranks - 10 FSP
+1 Max members - 20 FSP
+1 Max structures - 75 FSP
+1 Guild store slot - 50 FSP
+20 History characters - 5 FSP
+1 Max Mercenaries - 50 FSP
+1 Max members per group - 50 FSP
+24 hours front page featured - 10 FSP
+1 Captured relics - 50 FSP
+1 Max conflicts - 10 FSP
+1 Max conflict participants - 3 FSP

Final Observation
It's a guild folks which means we act together as a team. Try taking on Xinderoth by yourself (I dare you :)), well you can't, so how are you going keep advancing? With the help of your guildmates!

Be polite, Be Considerate, offer advice when you can and consolation when some b$!#tard steals a mates gold, but most importantly:Have fun! (it is just a game after all ;))

Updated 05.21.2010
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Guild Guidelines
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